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R.I.P R’n’B

14 Oct

When was the last time you heard a really good R and B song? I personally feel like the last good r ‘n’b album I heard was Trey Songz’ Ready, for a while Trey Songz was the bright spark in the sea of R n B but even that did not last long because he decided to release Pleasure, Passion and Pain (or whatever it was called) and RnB found itself on the gurney to the morgue. Neyo was another artist who revived RnB but his last offering Libra Scale wasn’t up to standard. In my Own Words, Because of You and Year of the Gentleman were albums that truly captured the spirit of RnB. There was rhythm ¬†from the well produced beats and Blues from the poetic lyrics and soulful vocals. Where did all that go? What I saw and heard in Libra Scale was a talented artist who was trying way too hard to be cool. I still have a lot of respect for Ne yo besides that dismal performance and I hope his 2012 release The Cracks of Mr Perfect will revive his career and resurrect R n B.

I’m not trying to say that there are no good RnB artists left. I am quite excited about about Frank Ocean and I think he is one to watch. His music is on a depressing wave length but it’s working for Drake though…I think Ocean is really talented and there is just something about his music that keeps you listening to it. I think this guy will go a long way. Jennifer Hudson’s new album I Remember Me is also a silver lining in this cloud. BUT, the question is: will RnB ever return to the days of Keith Sweat, Boys II Men, Joe Thomas and R.Kelly or Total, SWV and Deborah Cox. I really don’t see it happening anytime soon because right now as we speak RnB is 6 feet under.