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They’re Dubbin it,I’m Lovin It

28 Mar

“I feel so alive, so alive. Got my two feet on the ground but it feels like I’m in the sky” (so alive)

I’ve been listening to N dubz for a while now. I remember seeing their song with Mr Hudson Playing with Fire and I was intrigued. They have now become a guilty pleasure coz I cannot get enough of their music. The beat was good and the chorus was catchy so from there I started listening to their music. This British trio’s style is what I usually hate about music. It’s too bling, too loud and not exactly lyrically satisfying. Do not get me started on Soulja Boy!! N dubz are all the things I do not support musically but I really really love their music. N dubz sing hip hop but their hip hop is  BRITISH. The group consists of three members Tula “Tulisa” Contoslavlos, Dino “Dappy” Contostavlos, and Richard “Fazer” Rawson.

Before you even even hear an accent on a British hip hop song music,you already know it’s from the UK. There is something about the beat,and the way the song is presented that lets you know. With that being said, I really love British hip hop, actually British music in general because it just has its own vibe AND it’s not American!!! I enjoy listening to Kano, Tinchy Stryder and the focus of this blog N-dubz. The fact that I like this trio suprises even me at times because their style is loud,at times to ghetto,too bling bling and lyrically sub standard. I usually hate this kind of music with people who sing about women,sex, money and trouble. They sing and rap about coming from the ghetto to becoming successful, the changes in lifestyle, partying and relationships. These guys have been through a lot in their lives and their music shows this. My favourite songs from their new album are So Alive, Love Live Life, Girls,  Morning Star, We dance on, Living for the Moment. I can’t explain why I like them so much but I do.

So Apalled : MsViolately Style

28 Mar


1. Snoop Dogg calling his album Doggumentary. Snoop Dogg needs to go away somewhere, gain some weight and learn how not to annoy me.

2. Overtly materialistic people. I don’t care about your bling or how much money you have. The world does not revolve around your bank account. Get a life.

3. Women who wear too much make up. Blush is for the apple of your cheek not the whole side of your face. First of all wearing to much make up is showy and makes you seem insecure. People should get used to seeing you without make up, not with it. You’re too pretty to do that anyway.

4. Bad weaves. The tracks are too visible, it looks to fake, it’s too shiny, it looks like a mushroom on your heads, it looks like dry grass. Yes I have seen all these offences. Please spare us the horror and get a nice weave. If all else fails love your natural hair. Embrace it.

5. Chris Brown’s blonde hair don’t. Chris you looks scary and ill. Your black hair was amazing. You are Chris Brown, not a member of a heavy metal band. I blame your stylists.

6. Dr Dre’s lack of rapping skills. His verse  in I Need a Doctor is really bad. Was he gone for this long to come back with such a verse. Eish.

7. Men in Black 3. Who even allowed this movie to be made. Ok Will Smith you’re amazing but how did you agree to do this? MIB 2 was bad enough. Does anyone remember “Nod Your Head” the sountrack to MIB 2. It was horrible.

8. Charlie Sheen. Be serious and get your life on track. You’re too old for this tomfoolery dude. Seriously?

9. The Will and Kate obsession. I have talked about this already. I’m done.

10. Keri Hilson’s overtly sexual video The Way you Love me. Keri baby what is going on with you? Why are you trying so hard to be trashy. You’re too talented and pretty for such behaviour.

i heart:Loving Lupe’s Lasers

28 Mar

rating : * * * * * (5 stars)

“Yeah yeah, the World is yours, I was once that little boy/Terrified of the World
Now I’m on a World tour/ I will give up everything, even start a world war
For these ghettos girls and boys im rapping round’ the World for!” (The Show Goes on)

“My heart’s been broke for a while, yours been the one keeping me alive” (Beautiful Lasers)

Words to describe this album? Relevant, conscious, upbeat and brilliant.In a time where rap is about sex, drugs and money Lupe Fiasco remains the needle in a haystack. His new album Lasers, released on the 8th of March is a display of the 29 year old Chicago native’s musical and lyrical talent. I must  say it was one of the most anticipated albums of this year with people tweeting about it months before its release. It was well well worth the wait, trust me. I had heard a couple of the tracks until last week when I got the whole album. When an album is released I usually like 3 or 4 tracks. Lasers is rare because I can actually say I like all of it. All of it, every note, verse, rhyme and hook. Yes, all of it.

I am not surprised at how good this album is because Lupe never ever disappoints. I remember when I first heard Kick Push and I loved his concsious and mellow sound. I also loved songs like Intruder Alert, Superstar as well.The sound is quite techno but not in an annoying way like the Black Eyed Peas. The beats and Lupe’s voice and rhyme complement each other very well.  Wasalu Muhammad Jaco makes good music. He is a bit underated in my opinion as he does not get as much attention as other rappers like Kanye and Lil Wayne but maybe it is because his content is very concious and more hip hop than it is rap. The album cover of Lasers is a big reflection of Lupe’s message. The cover is simple but powerful with the word Losers with an a written over the O to spell Lasers. I’m gonna call that genius!! This is Lupe’s message. He raps about how a person can achieve anything, no matter what background they come from, whether they are rich or poor. This album is hip hop at its best and Lupe Fiasco at his best.  

Lupe Fiasco teams up with many artists on his album. I was surprised to see a collaboration with Trey Songz on the track called Out of my Head but when I heard it I was highly impressed. It is actually one of my favourites on the whole album. It has this up beat jazz like, upbeat sound that can get anyone dancing. He teams up with Sarah Green for Letting Go a song that boasts Lupe’s signature sound and rhyme style. Skylar Grey features on Words I Never Said which is the rapper’s commentary on the many apalling things happening in the world. It is honest and thought provoking. The Show Goes On was the first single from Lasers. The video of this song is one of the best that I have seen yet. The graphics deserve an A+. Beautiful Lasers is a dark song about despair and desperation which is something that many people go through. I could go on and on about each song on the album because it really is that good. I love this album to the point that I cannot put into words how amazing it is. Lupe Fiasco is one to listen to and watch because he still has not reached his peak I think there are much greater things to come from this man. He will always be relevant and he is gonna be around for a while, that I don’t doubt  for a second.

Royal Wedding or Royal Pain?

28 Mar

The happy couple courtesy of Ctv News

I felt like pulling my hair out when I logged onto the Sky News website AND the E! Entertainment one and saw another Kate and William headline. There are many human obsessions that baffle me. The Black Eyed Peas’ last two albums, crocs and the Olsen twins fashion sense are just some of those things. What is trumping all these things right now however, is the royal wedding next month. Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton has become some kind of weird obsession all over the world and I’m left asking WTF and considering finding a comfortable rock to live under until that day has passed. No joke, I am getting annoyed with the stories about what cake, what dress, which guests and all the other details that are being forced down my throat. I could do without them really. Actually I could do very well in a world without a royal family wasting tax payer money, and space on websites and in tabloids. Britain already has a Prime Minister, so what do they need a Queen for? I personally do not believe in monarchical rule, especially when it does not serve a productive purpose in a nation. Prince Albert of Monaco is actively involved in the running of his nation so I’m not against this monarchy. I am not a big fan of the British royal family. The only people form this family I find remotely interesting were/are Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Fergie (but she’s no longer a royal is she?) Everyone else is old or boring.  

Back to this wedding, I feel like this is an uneccesary obsession. Have we run out of celebrity drama to read about? The Will and Kate obsession is very similiar to the Diana and Charles marriage obsession, which by the way ended in divorce. Haven’t we learnt? The obsession with some of these marriages seems pointless to me because of the very predictable outcomes. Anyone remember Bennifer? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the couple and I wish them all the best but I don’t care about what type of lillies will be on their centrepieces. Really.

On top of that, can we really call William and Kate celebrities. What have they done excpet for being born with silver spoons and diamond encrusted cribs? NOTHING!! That’s like asking what Paris Hilton has done except for rolling around naked on a bed. I’m not inspired by people who are famous for just existing. I couldn’t care less what happened at Wills’ bachelor party. Prince Harry’s bachelor party on the other hand? There is some reading I would wanna do. The world is counting down the days to the wedding. I am also doing my own countdown. After the wedding I will emerge from under the rock I will be living under and get back to reading about Charlie Sheen’s self destruction in peace.

Report Card:The Billboard Top 20 (1-10)

7 Mar

In the spirit of education and teachers I decided to “mark”  the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100,like a teacher would mark a test.  I am warning you my evaluation isn’t pretty.


1. Born this way-Lady Gaga (I don’t like this song and not because it’s bad but I can’t look(or listen) past my irritation at Lady Gaga’s madness. I am getting very tired of Lady Gaga’s antics. I just want her to be a bit more normal. She’s lost the plot. Sorry Gaga fans

 2. F**ck you- Cee-lo I  personally I think he is one of the most talented men alive. I love this song because it is cheeky and funny.It’s catchy,well written and well sang.

3. Grenade-Bruno Mars it is a good song but it’s overplayed and the message is horrendus. How many times and ways does he wanna die for this girl. Ouch.

4. F**king Perfect-Pink I haven’t listened to it yet but Im assuming its a good song coz Pink makes good music.

5. S & M-Rihanna I don’t know why this song is on this list

6. Firework -Kat Perry it’s so catchy, fun and inspirational BUT I don’t like it

7. Tonight I’m loving you-Enrique Iglesias/Ludacris good beat but there is really nothing else to this song

8. E.T- Kanye West I haven’t listened to it but I am a big Kanye fan so I hope it’s good

9. On the Floor-Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull this song sounds like another dance song,and I’m not a big Pitbull fan,I swear if I hear another thump thump dance beat…

10. I need a doctor-Dr Dre,Eminem,Skylar Grey OMG!! This song should be number 1. It’s amazing. Skylar’s voice is so amazing and Eminem’s rap is on point,it covers up Dre bad rap(just saying)

MARK: 4/ 10 =40%. This is an apalling mark. This count down just doesn’t inspire me at all. It could have been much much better.









Lesson 1:The Purses and Suits of Happiness

2 Mar


Excuse me but was I under a rock when the most romantic phrase became “Just throw it in the bag” as rapper Fabolous and the Dream teamed up to sing? I am confused and appalled at this because love seems to now be measured by how much a man spends on you and the price tag and label on what he buys. Money, as it turns out, can buy love!!

According to the world today, happiness is not pursued,it is bought. I will use rap as well as r n b as my case study. If one listens to most rap songs it is clear that money,cars and lavish living are the way to obtain happiness. Kid Cudi sang about the “Pursuit of Happiness” but now what I am seeing are the “Purses and Suits of Happiness”. Even listening to a rap “love song” one is appalled at how love and money are put on the same level. From T.I singing “you can have whatever you like” to “I got a bunch of dollars so I can spend on her/so she can be my lady she can be my lover,” as Rick Ross sings, it is so clear that these men think buying expensive cars and purses is the measure of their love. Now don’t get me wrong, it is nice to spend money on your lady but don’t make it seem like it is the only thing you need to do to keep her happy. What saddens me  is that some women are happy with these kinds of relationships not realising that they are worth way more than that Hermes bag he just purchased. I personally think this is all just an act. Without all the trappings of success,where would these men be. R.Kelly sings,

 “If it wasn’t for the money, cars and movie stars and jewels and all these things I’ve got I wonder,would you still love me?” 

That is a very good question because it seems some women are only with some rich men because of the wealth and the lifestyle attached to it.Rappers label women as gold diggers because it seems that what women are after in a relationship nowadays is material appreciation as opposed to love and affection.  

I really  don’t know why women marry rappers. The message I get from most of their music is that they are super materialistic people who think success is measured by the suits they wear, and the price tag of the purse he bought his girlfriend. I heard this song by The Dream called “Make up bag”, in which this tragedy is applied. Besides the awful lyrics I actually managed to find something more appalling, and that is the meaning and message of the song. So basically in this song The Dream cheats on his girlfriend and she finds out. Here are some of the words.


“I been out all night patroning/she sayin sorry won’t get it.”

The chorus is the killer. Firstly it says something about The Dream’s songwriting skills and more importantly it says a lot about the society in which we are living.

“if you ever make ya girlfriend mad/don’t let your good girl go bad/drop five stacks on a make up bag/”

Really? So if a guy messes up then buying me an expensive bag will make me forgive you? That really is not a compliment to us women. What connotations does this have on us? How do you even know if the apology is heartfelt? What an appalling song. The concept of it is just disgusting. Sadly,it isn’t just a concept, some ladies would be happy to receive such an expensive apology. Are these the messages music should be conveying. It isn’t just hip hop that died, R n B and pop went with it. Sad day. Marvin Gaye must be turning in his grave. Mercy,mercy me indeed.

To answer the question at the beginning,romance has clearly gone from peoples’ hearts to their pockets. I am all for old school romance not this new type of love. If you really think about it how much thought does it take to charge a pair of Louboutins to your black American express card? Not much, coz your assistant probably does it for you. I am not fooled by this phenomenon. Even through my bootleg Ray bans,I see it for what it really is. An act, a cover up, a facade. If you think your bling will blind me, you are grossly mistaken.  In this case I will sing along with J.lo and say “my love don’t cost a thing” So as an independent woman I refuse to have my worth measured by that monogrammed purse you want to buy me. Actually I can buy it myself, thank you.