Album Cover Lover 1

6 Aug

Something about me: I am majoring in visual art history and I love analysing paintings and other artworks. Because I am so into music I also add to the list of artworks album covers. An album cover is a very important part of a record because it says in pictorial language what is being said in the music. Album covers seem to be considered as “low art” but I think they are artworks in their own right so this is a celebration of that.


From an art historian’s persective this cover is a reference to collage but from a songwriter’s point of view this cover is so poetic. The term paper trail is usually associated with criminals but here it is related to the art of songwriting and how every song written adds to a paper trail. I love how the papers all come together to form his face. This was artisitc and well as symbolic.



Simplistic, symbolic but also straight to the point. That’s my description of this cover. Without doing much this cover says it all. The iconic logo does that for it.













If you’re looking for an album cover that says it all, look no further. The album’s called Ready and Trey looks…well…ready, so what more could you ask for? Plus he’s hot so of course it’s a nice one.




2 Responses to “Album Cover Lover 1”

  1. Enjay August 7, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    I liked the Paper Trail’s cover too..but i LOVE Kanye’s covers for College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation..the whole varsity experience/teddy Kanye concept was swell..
    It was a breath of fresh air too. i find covers w artist’s faces too narcissistic..we all kno who you are, what we want to kno is what e album is bout, innit? Christina’s cover for Stripped is erm, interesting! Check it out.. 😉

    • msviolately August 7, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

      well the Stripped cover is pretty self explanatory. I think having ur face on the cover is necessary for certain musicians. If you sing r n b and pop where it has a lot to do with being pretty and sexy then you will have to have a provocative picture or something. In rock and hip hop I think one can be more flexible. That’s what I think..

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