Tribute to the Robert Palmer Girls

5 Jun

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Confession time. When I was younger I wanted to be a “Robert Palmer Girl.” You know the girls that appeared in Robert Plamer’s videos “Simply Irresistable” and “Addicted to Love.” The slicked back hair, sexy red lips, tight mini skirts,gorgeous legs and their eff off attitude, that was awesome. I thought I was the only person obsessed with these iconic 80s heroines but then Beyonce used them as a reference in her Greenlight video. Shania Twain also used the girls as inspiration in her Man! I feel like a woman video, but she used male models instead. With these in mind I suddenly I realised that these girls have actually got a following. I always loved the way they would move in tune with song with their concentrated expressions. I thought it was hilarious. Although they had the look of mannequins it still looked like Palmer was the nerdy guy trying to fit in with the sexy popular chicks. Who thought mannequins could be so empowering? I just think it’s really interesting that these girls have actually become more iconic than the singer himself, but to be honest how can seriously be looking at Robert Palmer when those girls were on the screen? I’m not hating on Robert though coz I actually like some of his tracks.

The Robert Palmer girls were actually a reference to artist Patrick Nagel’s paintings who liked to paint the grace of the female form in an Art Deco inspired style. I guess Palmer was also celebrating the female form by putting these ladies in his video. Well thank you to Nagel and Palmer for giving us these beautiful, unforgettable ladies. They were indeed “Simply Irresistable.”


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