Pop Comes to Cape Town

1 Jun

When I told my friends that I was a Kylie Minogue fan they were appalled. My response was I’m an unashamed Kylie fan. This left me wondering…what’s not to love and respect about this pop diva? She’s been around since the 80s, she survived cancer and she’s still around. I think she’s legendary. To have been around this long and still be relevant is a commendable feat which can only be matched by likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson. She also manged to crossover to the U.S music market, something which has proven difficult for many artists. Also she’s worked with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Taio Cruz and even Mims, so she has quite a resume. With that being said you can just imagine how excited I was to learn that she’s coming to Cape Town next month. 22 years after her debut album Kylie goes on her Aphrodite tour meaning that the hip gyrating,dance-athon pop princess will be yours starting from the price of R466. A bit costly you say? But before you return your wallet to your purse can you imagine hearing your favourite Kylie Minogue tracks live. Everyone has one.Is it “Spinning Around”or “Love at first sight” or maybe “Closer” (one of my personal favourites) Whatever it is can you imagine the sound of hearing “I just can’t get you out of my head, boy your loving is all I think about.” Just imagine the thrill and don’t forget that the Aussie native is known for her intricate costumes and OTT performances, so it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience. Maybe I’m just a bit biased but I think Kylie Minogue is awesome. Her most recent work Aphrodite is a 12 track party kit sure to get people’s backs up of the wall. 3 singles from Aphrodite have actually topped the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs and her collaboration with Taio Cruz “Higher” also did well on the charts. So what are you waiting for head to Computicket and get a piece of Kylie on July 13. Just don’t be surprised to be sitting next to your mother who will sing-a-long to “I should be so lucky.” Try not to cringe.


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