Weekend slackamo Mode

16 May
Weekend outfit
Weekends…the end of a long, challenging week and a chance to relax and recover from the Monday to Friday madness. If this is what your weekend sounds like, lucky you. For the rest of us sleeping until noon and doing nothing all day is presently impossible. I’m starting exams in a week and a half and on top of preparing for those all important papers I also have quite a lot of work due. So I spent the weekend working but I also had time for the fun stuff. Watching series and movies and off course catching some Zs. This outfit is truly for one of these weekends where you don’t really want to dress up and just want to be in “slackamo mode” as I call it. So cue the comfy slacks and slouch tee. A boyfriend tee can be inserted here. Don’t forget the fluffy slippers and a headscarf. The laptop,  a very vital aspect in this set. How else are you gonna watch Vampire Diaries and The Good Wife. Do not, I repeat, do not forget to study. When you finally decide to sleep opt for a plain sleeping eye mask. Sweet dreams
yours sincerely

Juicy Couture black top
124 GBP – vanmildert.com

Madeleine thompson
265 GBP – my-wardrobe.com

Soul Cal activewear pants
30 GBP – republic.co.uk

Ballet shoes
13 GBP – debenhams.com

Hair accessory
$14 – topshop.com


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