Na na na na, hey hey hey…Goodbye

16 May

Consider this your official obituary. I know you’re obviously alive and well but everything you were to me and who you were in my eyes? That’s dead and gone. So I feel that the word obituary is fitting for this tragic event. It’s tragic for you because you are no longer someone who deserves my attention or thoughts. It’s also tragic coz I have finally come to the realisation that you do not deserve me,never did and possibly never will. I’m using harsh words because you are a chapter in my life that I need to close and need to close now. In the recent past I cared so much about you to the point that I failed to see all the ways, however small, in which you disrespected me. I spend so much time thinking of all the good things about you that I actually forgot that you handled me so badly in the short time I knew you. You are probably a nice guy, I’m  positively, actually sure you are. I refuse to believe that the nice guy I saw in the beginning was a lie. I think the “i think i’m so cool”, arrogant guy you make yourself out to be is the phony but I’m not waiting around to find that out. I have better things to do with my time. So congrats, you’ve gone from a prominent landmark on my map to a mere blimp on my radar; from chapter to sentence-actually to full stop. Accept my congratulations, you certainly earned it.


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