Certified Talent :Zaho

13 May

Her name is Zaho and though I don’t speak French I really love her music. I discovered her the way most people in Zimbabwe discover music, sitting at home all day and moving between music channels. I heard the song “La Roue Tourne” and I loved the beat and the flute like instrument in the background. The video was even cooler because of the way the camera moved around Zaho. For those of you who don’t understand French “la roue tourne” simply means that things in life do not stay the same, you can have a good day today and a bad one tomorrow. Zaho was my first encounter with French music and from there I tried to listen to other French artists. I would wait for the French countdown on MTV Base so you could say French music is something I enjoy and have a fascination with. Zaho (birth name Zehira) was born in Algeria  and lives in Montreal Canada and La Roue Tourne is off her album called Dima (meaning always). She is a talent and someone you should get on your I pod.


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