Certified Eye and Ear Candy: Matt Pokora

13 May

No discussion about French music would be complete for me without Matt Pokora. I discovered this guy on Mtv Base on their French countdown. I heard his song “Elle Me Controle” and I was hooked on the r ‘n’b/ hip hop vibe. Also this young man could dance. I couldn’t really access  his music at the time but then in 2008 he released Mp3 and his single “Dangerous” featuring Timbaland. He also released “Catch me if you can” both tracks were awesome. Matt Pokora started his career on Popstars and ended up in a boyband but that did not last long.  He went on to have a successful solo career and his most recent work was his 2010 album “Mise a Jour.” Though I haven’t heard his new material I know I won’t be disappointed when I finally do. Let’s not forget that Matt is extremely good looking. This is some serious eye candy. Pokora seems to also enjoy portraying a bad boy image in his music and he kinda looks the part nose ring and all. Ladies he’s the kind our mom’s warn us about. Bad boy or not I have mad respect for this artist and support his music.


One Response to “Certified Eye and Ear Candy: Matt Pokora”

  1. normanjmuk June 5, 2011 at 12:25 am #

    i was wise not to place a wager on my challenge!

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