Song of the Day :Live to Tell

12 May

People do not talk much about this Madonna song  but I think it is one of her best. There is this sadness and depth in this song that strikes a chord with me every single time.  Released in 1986 Madonna sang it for the soundtrack of then husband’s movie At Close Range and the song was later put on her True Blue album. The lyrics are quite sad. It’s a song about pain, heartache and scars. Some say it is the best ballad of her career and I have to say I agree.  Certain songs are just special to me and this is on of them.


I have a tale to tell
Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well
I was not ready for the fall
Too blind to see the writing on the wall


A man can tell a thousand lies
I’ve learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, ’till then
It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives
I’ve seen it once, I know the warm she gives
The light that you could never see
It shines inside, you can’t take that from me


2nd Chorus:

The truth is never far behind
You kept it hidden well
If I live to tell
The secret I knew then
Will I ever have the chance again

If I ran away, I’d never have the strength
To go very far
How could they hear the beating of my heart
Will it grow cold
The secret that I hide, will I grow old
How would they hear
When would they learn
How would they know


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