Open Letter to the Writers of Gossip Girl

11 May

Firstly I want to congratulate you for getting renewed for your 5th season. To be honest I really thought Gossip Girl was getting cancelled and frankly I would have been glad. Gossip Girl season 4 was apalling. I thought season 3 was bad but it turns out that things could actually get worse. When I hear people raving about show I scratch my head and wonder whether they are hallucinating or just in denial. I don’t know how you can make the Upper East boring but wow I must applaud you for doing just that. I cannot believe I was even excited about the season before it started but I wasted my excitement. I am getting tired of seeing the same stories, the monotonous cycle that you call the hook ups and the same old storylines we’ve seen since season 2. This year I began to feel like Gossip Girl was below me. 90210 started to make more sense to me. I’m not hating I’m keepng it real because I wouldn’t wanna see your show get cancelled, or maybe I would. Inject the series with new cast members and not just Rena or whatever her name is. Please do not and I repeat do not repeat the atrocity that is the “Peace Treaty” episode. Who on earth wrote that episode. Whoever wrote that should know that watching that episode made me question your show as well as my own sanity. All I am saying is puh-lease redeem yourself next season and to do that you will have to do something really big. A lot of people are now watching your show for loyalty’s sake and not because it’s necessarily good. You wouldn’t want that would you? So, do us a favour and write better episodes or take a more direct approach and go away, far far away.

Yours in boredom. frustration and irritation



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