Another day, Another Couple

11 May

It was with great shock and bewilderment that I learnt about the seperation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage. Ok I’m lying I wasn’t shocked or bewildered, I was just being dramatic for a second there. Just a few months after their anniversary and the end of Arnie’s term as Governor of California comes this news. I am actually not surprised, at all. I’m more surprised that this didn’t happen sooner actually. It’s not easy being married to a Hollywood actor and its also not easy being married to a politician what with all the egos, groupies etc. I have noticed how being in a stable marriage is very important in American politics because of the whole family values blah blah blah but how many of these marriages are actually really stable? Aren’t these marriages sometimes just facades at times because so many of them end up in embroiled in scandals and divorce. Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, David Vitter need I go on? The Schwazegger-Shriver union wasn’t without it’s own um groping scandals. How many times was Arnie accused of touching women inappropriately? More than once, that’s for sure. So I’m guessing that since their just separating and not filing for divorce they are going to try working on their marriage, but doesn’t separation mean the first stop towards divorce or maybe it’s just me. The marriage had probably been unravelling for sometime but of course they had to wait for the right time in other words for Arnie to leave office because would an estranged wife have looked good on the Governator’s resume? I think not. So another day another celebrity marriage unravelled. As I mentioned this one didn’t surprise me. If Will and Jada split up on the other hand… This separation also proves that 25 years doesn’t mean forever. Splitting up after so long must be even harder. Now that’s what I call starting over. Good luck to them both.


One Response to “Another day, Another Couple”

  1. Norman June 5, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    first I blame Maria for Arnie’s political ambitions and secondly..why is when a famous man everyone puts on their Biblical eyes and blows their sins outta proportion..this when 90 % of the ppl cheat on their spouse at some point in the words of Maino in his aptly named song ‘Tiger Woods’..the News Anchor telling us bout Tiger f**ing all these white whores,but on his break his messagin his mistress on the side..

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