The Good (ex?) Wife

7 May

Good Wife picture couresy of

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or as we find out in the latest episode of the Good Wife, a woman scorned twice. Episode 21 in the 2nd season of the highly acclaimed CBS show showed me a side of Alicia Florrick that I hardly ever see. The weepy, pained heartbroken woman who is bruised by her husband’s transgressions. The episode titled In Sickness left me and other audiences alike where the Florrick marriage stands. Are they breaking up or will they work out. Just when you thought Alicia and Peter Florrick had began to heal after Peter’s indiscretions something else comes up and this something makes Alicia snap. She finds out about the night Peter shared with his former colleague and now Alicia’s best friend Kalinda Sharma.

To be honest I like Peter Florrick. He’s charismatic and he seems to have changed after going to prison and falling in love with his wife again. You just can’t help but forgive the man but when the Kalinda bomb was dropped I was very upset with him. He was so close to getting his wife back. Oh and was also upset with that stupid detective who decided to drop the bombshell on Alicia at the same time it is announced that Peter beat Wendy Scott Carr in the race for the State’s Attorney office. Couldn’t he wait for that moment to pass, then he can ruin a marriage that was just coming out of the ruins? Some people are so insensitive.

I think what made this episode so amazing for me was Alicia’a reaction. The woman went home packed Peter’s belongings in boxes, found him an apartment and moved him into it (without his knowledge) and paid the first three months rent. When Peter comes to the apartment she tells him that she knows he slept with “her best friend.” Peter doesn’t really get it so he says that Kalinda wasn’t her best friend yet. I was apalled when I heard this. I would have slapped him if I could.

True to form, Alicia leaves the apartment and the next morning she’s at work as normal. The scene where she tells her children is very touching. I have never actually seen her break down like before. It was an endearing moment that makes you see a  mother’s love conquer over any anger or pain. The final scene of the episode left me surprised and of course hanging. Peter comes to Alicia’s place to talk. Peter says he wants to fix the situation and he’s willing to give up his position as states attorney for her and also go to marriage conselling. Alicia says no. “Anything you ask me is a no, Peter” Alicia looks so bruised and so hurt that you can literally feel her pain. She’s usually such a calm character so this episode really surprised me, because you could see the pain on her face, not the pokerface we usually see. So, basically we are sort of back to the start where Alicia’s mad at Peter the only difference is that Peter is States Attorney.

what's gonna happen to the Florricks?

I was personally left with many questions and things to say. On one hand you can say Peter should not be judged by Alicia for this because it was during the time when he was also cheating with the prostitute and Alicia should forgive all that was done at that point. On the other hand Peter should have told her about Kalinda when he told her about the girl and Kalinda also had all that time to tell Alicia. Now everyone wonders what’s coming next.  Everyone is curious to see what is gonna happen between Alicia and Will Gardner could this be the opening we have all been waiting for? On top of that what is the press and Chicago at large going to think when they find out about the separation. It is ironic that the day Peter wins the election is the day Alicia kicks him out. Now their marriage looks politically motivated. There is therefore a lot of things to be resolved in the next two episodes. I can’t wait.


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