Smells like Miley Cyrus

4 May

And now some news to make you choke on your cornflakes. Miley Cyrus has done a cover of Smells like Teen Spirit. Yes! THE Smells Like Teen Spirit. Yes,the Nirvana song. Classic, superbly written, catchy rock song. Now, how do these words go in the same sentence as Miley Cyrus? I think she is, well, annoying, and might I add not the most talented singer in the Disney batch.  Please note that I practiced massive restraint on my last sentence. My sentiments towards Miley, Smiley, Destiny Hope whatever the heck she calls herself, usually produce angry and annoyed under breath mutterings about how darn irritating she is. If like me Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit is one of your favourite, head banging, go crazy, rock out all time tracks then you will let out a loud gasp along with me when news of this blasphemous act met your eyes.

Before you pass this off as a bogus report I have supplied footage of Miley singing the track in Equador.Yes, I also wondered what she was doing in Equador but in her defence she is a recording artist who has to go on tour to promote her music. Note I said HER music not the creative genius of a tormented grunge legend.  Smells like Teen Spirit, is a single off the famed grunge band’s critically acclaimed album Nevermind. This song topped many all time favourite lists including VH1’s best song of the 90’s, the same song that was written by the beloved Kurt Cobain. This is the song that Miss Cyrus decides to cover. Of all 90’s songs. Couldn’t she sing Achy Breaky Heart? After all it is her fathers. Ok maybe I’m just being a hater, or maybe my feelings towards Miley Cyrus have clouded my judgement of the situation but my position on this is that Miley Cyrus of all people should not be covering such tracks. I like my Smells like Teen Spirit sang by the likes of Mr Cobain not by annoying people of mediocre talent. Miley you Can’t be Tamed but you can be told to be serious. That is all..


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