“You’re Just a Silhouette of a Perfect Man”

12 Apr

Good looks? Check. Intelligent and mysterious? Check. Funny and charismatic? Totally. Sensitive but strong? Affirmative. The qualities of this guy read like the too long list of a husband hunting woman. But woah, run in the opposite direction ladies. It’s all an act, a facade and if you fall for him and his “charms” you’re throwing yourself in the Lion’s den. Stay away from Mr Silhouette.

He reminds her of a piece of chicken that looks and seems perfect, tasty and well cooked but when you take a bite you realise that your juicy drumstick is actually just a piece of raw meat. What a waste. She thought she had found “him” the one, the needle in the haystack, the unfindable one but it turns out it was all a lie and now she was paying for not being perceptive enough. The mascara blackened tear marks on her cheek had been on a face for hours and not even the curious stares from passers by made her care. All she had the strength to do at this point was put one foot in front of the other until she got home.This man,he seemed so perfect,so good but it turns out he was just too good to be true. How and why did she let this, him happen to her?


One Response to ““You’re Just a Silhouette of a Perfect Man””

  1. Norman June 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    hanzi kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndiko kwadzino mhanyira..but i can’t blame her..no matter how you try to reason with your heart you’l never find yourself attracted to the opposite..and then the question comes, why are all the breams (a euphemism for ‘good catch’ that a lady friend of mine supposedly coined) so heartless..i have a theory..not all guys are born intelligent, charismatic, witty with a great sense of humour..most of em went thru that ‘ugly duckling’ phase and found out smart doesn’t make you cool..so they switch their game up and next thing you kno, that cute, nice but gayish guy who could never be nothing more than your friend is the heartbreaking, arrogant hearthrob..second law of thermodynamics my dear- you cannot break even!

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