WARNING: Do Not Try this at Home!!

4 Apr


If you tell me you’ve never watched or even heard of the amazing, oh-no-he-did-not-just-eat-that, what-the-heck-is-he-doing, insane show that is Discovery’s Ultimate Survival I will probably ask you WTF? WHY THE FACE? My brother introduced me to this show about a year ago and ever since I try to tune in to watch host Edward Micheal ” Bear” Grylls latest OMG moment. There is nothing girly about watching a grown man eating maggots, rattelsnakes and sleeping inside dead animals, actually it’s pretty disgusting but frankly I can’t get enough. At some point my mother was hooked to the show until she saw him eat a snake then she quit. The show is practical because it gives survival tips and skills to live through some extreme and difficult conditions. Bear Grylls has been all over the world form the alligator infested Everglades to the arid deserts of the world. This man has been everywhere and he’s survived it all. There was an episode his hand was bitten by a large fit, he has also swam in sub zero temperature water in the Arctic circle (naked). I think this man has eaten at least 50 breeds of inscets and bites, he has mande rafts out of the most unexpected material. Bear Grylls is MAD that’s all I can say. It’s not all madness, though, believe me. Dozens of people have survived being stranded thanks to Bear Grylls’ genius. This man’s achievements are endless. He entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to successfully climb Everest. He was 23. For most people the only Guinness they know at 23 is the lager! He has also climbed the Himalayas. He was also part of the British Special Forces. The list is endless. Apart from a very educational, helpful concern Ultimate Survival is entertaining. Watching Bear slay fish, mammals, rodents is so much fun. Even watching him getting stung by a bee weirdly humorous. I will probably never be stranded in the Gobi Desert but if I ever do I think I will go down with a fight. The Ulitmate Survival fight.


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