So Apalled : MsViolately Style

28 Mar


1. Snoop Dogg calling his album Doggumentary. Snoop Dogg needs to go away somewhere, gain some weight and learn how not to annoy me.

2. Overtly materialistic people. I don’t care about your bling or how much money you have. The world does not revolve around your bank account. Get a life.

3. Women who wear too much make up. Blush is for the apple of your cheek not the whole side of your face. First of all wearing to much make up is showy and makes you seem insecure. People should get used to seeing you without make up, not with it. You’re too pretty to do that anyway.

4. Bad weaves. The tracks are too visible, it looks to fake, it’s too shiny, it looks like a mushroom on your heads, it looks like dry grass. Yes I have seen all these offences. Please spare us the horror and get a nice weave. If all else fails love your natural hair. Embrace it.

5. Chris Brown’s blonde hair don’t. Chris you looks scary and ill. Your black hair was amazing. You are Chris Brown, not a member of a heavy metal band. I blame your stylists.

6. Dr Dre’s lack of rapping skills. His verse  in I Need a Doctor is really bad. Was he gone for this long to come back with such a verse. Eish.

7. Men in Black 3. Who even allowed this movie to be made. Ok Will Smith you’re amazing but how did you agree to do this? MIB 2 was bad enough. Does anyone remember “Nod Your Head” the sountrack to MIB 2. It was horrible.

8. Charlie Sheen. Be serious and get your life on track. You’re too old for this tomfoolery dude. Seriously?

9. The Will and Kate obsession. I have talked about this already. I’m done.

10. Keri Hilson’s overtly sexual video The Way you Love me. Keri baby what is going on with you? Why are you trying so hard to be trashy. You’re too talented and pretty for such behaviour.


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