Royal Wedding or Royal Pain?

28 Mar

The happy couple courtesy of Ctv News

I felt like pulling my hair out when I logged onto the Sky News website AND the E! Entertainment one and saw another Kate and William headline. There are many human obsessions that baffle me. The Black Eyed Peas’ last two albums, crocs and the Olsen twins fashion sense are just some of those things. What is trumping all these things right now however, is the royal wedding next month. Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton has become some kind of weird obsession all over the world and I’m left asking WTF and considering finding a comfortable rock to live under until that day has passed. No joke, I am getting annoyed with the stories about what cake, what dress, which guests and all the other details that are being forced down my throat. I could do without them really. Actually I could do very well in a world without a royal family wasting tax payer money, and space on websites and in tabloids. Britain already has a Prime Minister, so what do they need a Queen for? I personally do not believe in monarchical rule, especially when it does not serve a productive purpose in a nation. Prince Albert of Monaco is actively involved in the running of his nation so I’m not against this monarchy. I am not a big fan of the British royal family. The only people form this family I find remotely interesting were/are Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Fergie (but she’s no longer a royal is she?) Everyone else is old or boring.  

Back to this wedding, I feel like this is an uneccesary obsession. Have we run out of celebrity drama to read about? The Will and Kate obsession is very similiar to the Diana and Charles marriage obsession, which by the way ended in divorce. Haven’t we learnt? The obsession with some of these marriages seems pointless to me because of the very predictable outcomes. Anyone remember Bennifer? Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the couple and I wish them all the best but I don’t care about what type of lillies will be on their centrepieces. Really.

On top of that, can we really call William and Kate celebrities. What have they done excpet for being born with silver spoons and diamond encrusted cribs? NOTHING!! That’s like asking what Paris Hilton has done except for rolling around naked on a bed. I’m not inspired by people who are famous for just existing. I couldn’t care less what happened at Wills’ bachelor party. Prince Harry’s bachelor party on the other hand? There is some reading I would wanna do. The world is counting down the days to the wedding. I am also doing my own countdown. After the wedding I will emerge from under the rock I will be living under and get back to reading about Charlie Sheen’s self destruction in peace.


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