i heart:Loving Lupe’s Lasers

28 Mar

rating : * * * * * (5 stars)

“Yeah yeah, the World is yours, I was once that little boy/Terrified of the World
Now I’m on a World tour/ I will give up everything, even start a world war
For these ghettos girls and boys im rapping round’ the World for!” (The Show Goes on)

“My heart’s been broke for a while, yours been the one keeping me alive” (Beautiful Lasers)

Words to describe this album? Relevant, conscious, upbeat and brilliant.In a time where rap is about sex, drugs and money Lupe Fiasco remains the needle in a haystack. His new album Lasers, released on the 8th of March is a display of the 29 year old Chicago native’s musical and lyrical talent. I must  say it was one of the most anticipated albums of this year with people tweeting about it months before its release. It was well well worth the wait, trust me. I had heard a couple of the tracks until last week when I got the whole album. When an album is released I usually like 3 or 4 tracks. Lasers is rare because I can actually say I like all of it. All of it, every note, verse, rhyme and hook. Yes, all of it.

I am not surprised at how good this album is because Lupe never ever disappoints. I remember when I first heard Kick Push and I loved his concsious and mellow sound. I also loved songs like Intruder Alert, Superstar as well.The sound is quite techno but not in an annoying way like the Black Eyed Peas. The beats and Lupe’s voice and rhyme complement each other very well.  Wasalu Muhammad Jaco makes good music. He is a bit underated in my opinion as he does not get as much attention as other rappers like Kanye and Lil Wayne but maybe it is because his content is very concious and more hip hop than it is rap. The album cover of Lasers is a big reflection of Lupe’s message. The cover is simple but powerful with the word Losers with an a written over the O to spell Lasers. I’m gonna call that genius!! This is Lupe’s message. He raps about how a person can achieve anything, no matter what background they come from, whether they are rich or poor. This album is hip hop at its best and Lupe Fiasco at his best.  

Lupe Fiasco teams up with many artists on his album. I was surprised to see a collaboration with Trey Songz on the track called Out of my Head but when I heard it I was highly impressed. It is actually one of my favourites on the whole album. It has this up beat jazz like, upbeat sound that can get anyone dancing. He teams up with Sarah Green for Letting Go a song that boasts Lupe’s signature sound and rhyme style. Skylar Grey features on Words I Never Said which is the rapper’s commentary on the many apalling things happening in the world. It is honest and thought provoking. The Show Goes On was the first single from Lasers. The video of this song is one of the best that I have seen yet. The graphics deserve an A+. Beautiful Lasers is a dark song about despair and desperation which is something that many people go through. I could go on and on about each song on the album because it really is that good. I love this album to the point that I cannot put into words how amazing it is. Lupe Fiasco is one to listen to and watch because he still has not reached his peak I think there are much greater things to come from this man. He will always be relevant and he is gonna be around for a while, that I don’t doubt  for a second.


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