They’re Dubbin it,I’m Lovin It

28 Mar

“I feel so alive, so alive. Got my two feet on the ground but it feels like I’m in the sky” (so alive)

I’ve been listening to N dubz for a while now. I remember seeing their song with Mr Hudson Playing with Fire and I was intrigued. They have now become a guilty pleasure coz I cannot get enough of their music. The beat was good and the chorus was catchy so from there I started listening to their music. This British trio’s style is what I usually hate about music. It’s too bling, too loud and not exactly lyrically satisfying. Do not get me started on Soulja Boy!! N dubz are all the things I do not support musically but I really really love their music. N dubz sing hip hop but their hip hop is  BRITISH. The group consists of three members Tula “Tulisa” Contoslavlos, Dino “Dappy” Contostavlos, and Richard “Fazer” Rawson.

Before you even even hear an accent on a British hip hop song music,you already know it’s from the UK. There is something about the beat,and the way the song is presented that lets you know. With that being said, I really love British hip hop, actually British music in general because it just has its own vibe AND it’s not American!!! I enjoy listening to Kano, Tinchy Stryder and the focus of this blog N-dubz. The fact that I like this trio suprises even me at times because their style is loud,at times to ghetto,too bling bling and lyrically sub standard. I usually hate this kind of music with people who sing about women,sex, money and trouble. They sing and rap about coming from the ghetto to becoming successful, the changes in lifestyle, partying and relationships. These guys have been through a lot in their lives and their music shows this. My favourite songs from their new album are So Alive, Love Live Life, Girls,  Morning Star, We dance on, Living for the Moment. I can’t explain why I like them so much but I do.


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