Report Card:The Billboard Top 20 (1-10)

7 Mar

In the spirit of education and teachers I decided to “mark”  the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100,like a teacher would mark a test.  I am warning you my evaluation isn’t pretty.


1. Born this way-Lady Gaga (I don’t like this song and not because it’s bad but I can’t look(or listen) past my irritation at Lady Gaga’s madness. I am getting very tired of Lady Gaga’s antics. I just want her to be a bit more normal. She’s lost the plot. Sorry Gaga fans

 2. F**ck you- Cee-lo I  personally I think he is one of the most talented men alive. I love this song because it is cheeky and funny.It’s catchy,well written and well sang.

3. Grenade-Bruno Mars it is a good song but it’s overplayed and the message is horrendus. How many times and ways does he wanna die for this girl. Ouch.

4. F**king Perfect-Pink I haven’t listened to it yet but Im assuming its a good song coz Pink makes good music.

5. S & M-Rihanna I don’t know why this song is on this list

6. Firework -Kat Perry it’s so catchy, fun and inspirational BUT I don’t like it

7. Tonight I’m loving you-Enrique Iglesias/Ludacris good beat but there is really nothing else to this song

8. E.T- Kanye West I haven’t listened to it but I am a big Kanye fan so I hope it’s good

9. On the Floor-Jennifer Lopez/Pitbull this song sounds like another dance song,and I’m not a big Pitbull fan,I swear if I hear another thump thump dance beat…

10. I need a doctor-Dr Dre,Eminem,Skylar Grey OMG!! This song should be number 1. It’s amazing. Skylar’s voice is so amazing and Eminem’s rap is on point,it covers up Dre bad rap(just saying)

MARK: 4/ 10 =40%. This is an apalling mark. This count down just doesn’t inspire me at all. It could have been much much better.










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